The Company

General Manager’s Office

Sibylle Tröster, Artistic and Managing Director
Jeannette Kuhnert, Secretary


Kathrin Blüchert, Puppeteer / Actress
Karoline Vogel, Puppeteer / Actress
N.N., Puppeteer / Actress/Actor
Heinrich Bennke, Puppeteer / Actor
Paul Günther, Puppeteer / Actor
Tomas Mielentz, Puppeteer / Actor
Maurice Voß, Puppeteer / Actor


Susanne Koschig, Dramaturge / Press Officer

Technical Services & Studio

Andreas Herrlich, Head of Technical Service
Felix Bauer, Master of Event Technology
Thomas Gräbner, Master of Event Technology
Aaron Levi Beck, Master of Sound Equipment
Arnd Grützmüller, Stage and Lighting Technician
Thilo Soworka, Stage and Lighting Technician
Kathrin Sellin, Puppet Maker / Designer
Nadine Wottke, Mask / Prop / Costume
Torsten Hesse, Carpenter

Visitor’s Services

Katharina Patzelt, Head of Visitor’s Service and Public Relations
Christiane Müller, Visitor’s Service
Rita Obstfelder, Visitor’s Service
Steffi Giebson, Media Designer / Graphic Artist

Artistic Administration

Anne-Dominique Struck, Head of Artistic Planning Office

Financial Administration

Grit Reichelt, Head of Administration and Finance Department
Anja Winzer, Accountant