The historical Waidspeicher (Woad Warehouse)

The building was erected between 1540 and 1560 and was originally used for the preparation and storage of woad, which is a blue dye for textiles and is laboriously extracted from the woad plant. There were numerous woad warehouses like this in medieval Erfurt, which gained its wealth from trade especially in the valuable woad.

From 1983 to 1986, this building, which is under a preservation order, was completely restored under the direction of the architect Gerhard Schade and converted into a permanent theatre. Brickwork and the beam construction as well the 17th century paintings on them were retained in accordance with the preservation order.

In summer 2001, the lower foyer was reconstructed under the direction of the interior architect Lothar Krone. In summer 2002, the auditorium of the theatre was equipped with new chairs thanks to the support of the “Förderverein Theater Waidspeicher Erfurt e.V.” (Theater Waidspeicher Friends Association).

Image: Building Waidspeicher 1980