by Otfried Preußler | adapted for the stage by Susanne Koschig and Matthias Thieme
puppet theatre for 12 year olds and older | Duration: 65 minutes
Director: Matthias Thieme
Stage and puppets: Martin Gobsch
Ravens: Nadine Wottke
Costumes: Coco Ruch
Music and sound: Andres Böhmer
Cast: Melissa Stock (Student of Contemporary Puppetry at the "Ernst Busch" Academy of Dramatic Arts), Heinrich Bennke, Paul Günther, Tomas Mielentz

Black magic clashes with the power of love

The orphan Krabat gets a job as a miller’s assistant at the mill in Schwarzkollm. Here the master teaches the miller’s trade to him as well as the other apprentices – and additionally they learn the art of black magic. The price of the magic power and living in the mill is high. The mill is under a curse. Sacrifices must be made. At the end of each year one of the boys must die. Krabat decides to stand in the master’s way. But for that he needs the help of a courageous young girl. To save Krabat and to break the curse of the mill, the girl must be prepared to face a life-and-death ordeal.

The realization of this production was supported by the Sparkassenstiftung Erfurt and Ingenieurbüro Susann Schwarzenau.

Performance rights: Verlag für Kindertheater Weitendorf, Hamburg

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