Animalists #01 EN


Casper Wool #01 EN

Casper Wool Hat: How to fool a Giant

Atlas #01 EN

Atlas of Remote Islands

The Moon takes his Socks off at Night #01 EN

The Moon takes his Socks off at Night

The Day Grandma broke the Internet #01 EN

The Day Grandma broke the Internet

Animalists #02 EN

first release

based on an idea by Frank Soehnle | puppet theatre for 12 year olds and older


director and stage: Frank Soehnle

puppets: Kathrin Sellin

costumes: Mila van Daag

music and sound: Johannes Frisch

cast: Kathrin Blüchert, Steffi König, Heinrich Bennke, Tomas Mielentz, Maurice Voß


premiere: Friday, 13 September, 2019

Casper Wool #02 EN

by Janosch | puppet theatre for 4 year olds and older


director: Annette Gleichmann

stage, puppets and costumes: Ira Hausmann and Janna Skroblin

composition and sound: Leon Altmann

cast: Steffi König, Paul Günther


premiere: Saturday, 23 November, 2019

Atlas #02 EN

by Judith Schalansky | puppet theatre for 14 year olds and older


director: Christian Georg Fuchs

media stage: Raphael Köhler and Christian Scheibe / NIVRE Film & Studio GmbH

puppets: Peter Lutz

puppet costumes: Gisa Kuhn

cast: Heinrich Bennke, Paul Günther, Maurice Voß


premiere: Friday, 21 February, 2020

The Moon takes his Socks off at Night #02 EN

by Kristine Stahl | first release | puppet theatre for 3 year olds and older


director, stage and costumes: Kristine Stahl

assistant designer: Nadine Wottke

puppet: Kathrin Sellin


The Day Grandma broke the Internet #02 EN

by Marc-Uwe Kling | for 6 year olds and older


director and stage: Matthias Thieme

puppets: Kathrin Sellin


Animalists #03 EN

Casper Wool #03 EN

Atlas #03 EN

The Moon takes his Socks off at Night #03 EN

The Day Grandma broke the Internet #03 EN

Animalists #04 EN

A zany utopia about living together as animals on the red sofa


"The Animal is the Other within us", according to Georges Bataille. In Darmstadt around 1930, the artists’ collective "Die Animalisten" wanted to overcome the beast in human nature. This concept inspired Theater Waidspeicher to produce this bizarre-theatrical experiment by Frank Soehnle. Five animalistic animal-friends meet each other first as their chosen animal ego and then as themselves. The question why we so easily accept what is alien in the animal will give us cause to think with all the panting, howling and stroking on a red sofa.

Casper Wool #04 EN

How a little one overcomes the big one


Casper Wool Hat is neither big nor strong, but he is exceedingly clever and brave. His little head under his bobble hat is full of clever ideas. This is why he is not afraid of anybody, not even the wild giant Wirrwarr, who owns the whole forest and would like to eat little Casper. Casper Wool Hat knows not only how to fool a giant but in addition how turn two Euros into five Euros.

Atlas #04 EN

A journey of exploration to far off places


Thanks to Google maps and photos of the world from outer space, there is nowhere on earth that we cannot picture. Using electronic eyes, we can see almost every island. However, are we really there? Judith Schalansky dedicated her multi-award-winning book to the discovery of the world through maps. She put together reports and stories about faraway islands all over the world, "Islands I have never been to and will never visit". Strange, comical and unusual stories about far-off people and rare animals, about explorers, natives and castaways.

The Moon takes his Socks off at Night #04EN

A story about the fear of darkness


"Mummy, I can’t get to sleep!" is the cry coming constantly from the child’s bedroom. However, Mummy and Daddy have already read two stories, sung four songs and shaken the bed covers three times. Sooner or later that must be enough! The door is closed and the light is out! But who wants to be alone in the dark, alone with shadows on the wall, alone with all those sock-monsters, cupboard-ghosts and armchair-ogres that all suddenly come alive? But, isn’t it good that we’ve got a moon, that knows how to handle darkness and has lots of stories to tell.

The Day Grandma broke the Internet #04 EN

What happens in a family when the world-wide-web doesn’t work?


It’s the school holidays. Mother and father have to work and grandma and grandpa are looking after Tiffany and her older brother and sister. Then it happened! Grandma broke the internet, by accident of course! She sat at the computer, went click-click a few times and then the internet was broken. All over the world! And then? What do you do when there is no internet? Without music and films to stream? Without apps and satnav? Without contact to the outside world? However in the attic there is grandpa’s old transistor radio and father’s guitar, and so they can enjoy something together even without the internet!