The Master and Margarita

by Mikhail Bulgakow
translated into German by Thomas Reschke | stage adaptation by Frank Alexander Engel
drama with puppets for 16 year olds and older | duration: 150 minutes (including break)
Director: Frank Alexander Engel
Stage design and puppets: Kerstin Schmidt and Frank Alexander Engel
Music and sound: Christian Claas
Make-up: Nadine Wottke

Cast: Kathrin Blüchert, Karoline Vogel, Paul Günther, Tomas Mielentz, Martin Vogel

The Devil is on the loose in Moscow

Mikhail Bulgakow spent twelve years writing his masterpiece, which could only be published after severe censorship in 1966/67. Since then it has enjoyed cult status far beyond Russia’s borders. The Devil personally appears with his assistants and causes chaos in Stalin’s Moscow of the 1930’s. A talking cat rides a tram, bank notes and people disappear in the variety theatre, the chairman of the literary club is missing. An author writes a story about Pontius Pilate and meets the love of his life, Margarita, who becomes a witch and flies over Moscow. Good and evil, God and the Devil, life and death all clash with each other in this Faustian story.

Performance rights: henschel SCHAUSPIEL Theaterverlag Berlin GmbH

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