based on the Grimm fairy tale | adapted for the stage by Susanne Koschig
puppet theatre for 4 year olds and older | duration: 50 minutes
Director: Susanne Koschig
Stage design, puppets and costumes: Bärbel Haage
Music: Udo Hemmann

Cast: Karoline Vogel, Tomas Mielentz

From a mill to millions

"My daughter can spin straw into gold!" boasts the miller and thereby causes serious problems for her. Greedy for gold, the king believes the miller, and threatens the daughter with death if she does not perform this feat for him. An imp secretly offers to help her. Thereby he not only saves her life but also provides her with wealth and happiness. However she is at risk of losing everything when the imp demands the payment she promised: the baby of the miller’s daughter, who has now become queen. She may only keep her child if she can guess the name of the imp.

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