Mole’s Star

based on the children’s book by Britta Teckentrup
puppet theatre for 3 year olds and older | first release | duration: 40 minutes

Director: Julia Sontag
Stage design, puppets and costumes: Betty Wirtz
Music composition and sound: Katharina Lattke
Cast: Karoline Vogel, Maurice Voß

A story of light and darkness, of stars and sparkling

The little mole has his home deep underground. But sometimes he is quite lonely on his own in the dark. Then, when he stretches his head once again up to the night sky and wistfully admires the twinkling stars, he wishes that they were all his. Indeed, his wish comes true, and all the stars of the night now shine in his home. How beautiful! But outside the sky is suddenly as dark as a raven’s wing, the night is pitch-black, and all the other animals of the forest cannot see anything anymore. There are no more stars to show them where to go. What to do about it? Whose stars are they anyway? For whom do they shine? For one on his own or for all?

Performance rights: Britta Teckentrup c/o United Agents LLP, London

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