Atlas of Remote Islands

by Judith Schalansky
puppet theatre for 14 year olds and older | duration: 75 minutes
Director: Christian Georg Fuchs
Media stage design: Raphael Köhler and Christian Scheibe / NIVRE Film & Studio GmbH
Puppets: Peter Lutz | Puppet costumes: Gisa Kuhn

Cast: Heinrich Bennke, Paul Günther, Maurice Voß

A journey of exploration to far off places

Thanks to Google maps and photos of the world from outer space, there is nowhere on earth that we cannot picture. Using electronic eyes, we can see almost every island. However, are we really there? Judith Schalansky dedicated her multi-award-winning book to the discovery of the world through maps. She put together reports and stories about faraway islands all over the world, “Islands I have never been to and will never visit”.

In a theatrical journey we travel to twelve of these islands, to far off sites and settings of history and stories. Twelve mini dramas present twelve strange, comical and unusual stories about far-off people and rare animals: a treasure hunter, a bird watcher, a Morna singer, the French emperor Napoleon, a polar explorer, a feminist aviation pioneer, an extinct sea cow.

The realization of this production was supported by Ingenieurbüro Susann Schwarzenau.

Performance rights: Copyright © 2009 by mareverlag, Hamburg

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