Xavier Bobés (Spain)

Things Easily Forgotten

(Cosas que se olvidan fácilmente)

Object theatre show for an audience of five | for 16 year-olds and older
Duration: 75 min | few words in English
Created and performed by Xavier Bobés
Costume: Antonio Rodríguez
Co-production: Xavier Bobés and Festival TNT 2015 (Terrassa Noves Tendències) in co-operation with mit L’Animal a l’Esquena
Wednesday, 21 September 2022, 12 a.m. and 5 p.m. | Theater Waidspeicher, Kabarettsaal
Thursday, 22 September 2022, 12 a.m. und 5 p.m. | Theater Waidspeicher, Kabarettsaal
Friday, 23 September 2022, 11 a.m. und 2 p.m. | Theater Waidspeicher, Kabarettsaal

Around a small table, in an intimate salon setting, a powerful sequence of close-up sensory experiences invokes old memories and invents new ones. Through this miscellany of sights and sounds, objects and photos, C fascinating story unfolds in a powerful sequence exploring memory and identity. Like a magician, or medium at a séance, Xavier Bobés manipulates both past and future. “Things Easily Forgotten” is a photographic show that transforms memories and, like forgetfulness, invents other, new ones.

Tickets: 18,00 € (no concessions)


Festivaleröffnung | Familie Flöz (Germany)


Of Creatures and Creators

a play devised by Fabian Baumgarten, Anna Kistel, Sarai O’Gara, Benjamin Reber, Hajo Schüler, Mats Süthoff and Michael Vogel
for 12 year-olds and older | Duration: 90 min | in German
Direction, masks: Hajo Schüler | Costumes: Mascha Schubert | Set design: Felix Nolze, Rotes Pferd
Music: Vasko Damjanov, Sarai O'Gara, Benjamin Reber | Drawings: Cosimo Miorelli
Assistance, Mask making: Lei-Lei Bavoil | Assistance Direction: Katrin Kats | Assistance Costumes: Marion Czyzykowski
Lightning, Video: Reinhard Hubert | Sound design: Vasko Damjanov | Production management: Peter Brix
Administration company: William Winter | Management company: Gianni Bettucci
Performing: Fabian Baumgarten, Anna Kistel, Sarai O’Gara, Benjamin Reber, Mats Süthoff und Michael Vogel

Hokuspokus is a production by Familie Flöz, in co-production with Theaterhaus Stuttgart and Theater Duisburg. Supported by Hauptstadtkulturfonds.
Festival opening Wednesday, 21 September 2022, 7.30 p.m. | Theater Erfurt, Großes Haus

What would an evening of theatre that begins with the beginning of everything look like? Which roles would be distributed? Which characters would you want to see there? Do you need a lump of clay? And above all, how would it all end?
But back to the beginning. Darkness becomes light, the divine breath is breathed in, and in the paradisiacal garden the first lovers find each other. They dare to take their first steps together as a couple, seek shelter from nature and, thank God, find an affordable apartment. Fate quickly pulls the young couple into the roller coaster of life. With each child, the centrifugal forces grow and threaten to tear the family apart.
In addition to the familiar mask figures, FAMILIE FLÖZ also shows the actors behind them. Whether playing music, singing, filming, speaking, or making noises, the ensemble creates the world of the masks before the eyes of the audience.

Tickets: 28,00 € adults | 23,00 € concessions
12,00 € student groups


Sandglass Theater (USA)

When I Put on Your Glove

European premiere | puppet theatre for 14 year-olds and older
Duration: 70 min | in German with English surtitles

Performed and Created by Shoshana Bass
Creator of the original “Autumn Portraits”: Eric Bass
Direction: Gerard Stropnicky
Choreography: Alison Mott
Sound design: Maria Pugnetti
Design and Construction: Ines Zeller Bass
Music: GlassDuo
Thursday, 22 September 2022, 10 a.m. and 7 p.m. | Theater Waidspeicher, Puppentheatersaal

The American puppeteer and director Eric Bass attracted international attention with “Autumn Portraits” in the early 1980s. His figures were character studies about existences in the "autumn of life" that tell their story and account for the past, their selves, the coming death. “When I Put On Your Glove“ is a show that explores a daughter’s relationship to her father’s work. It addresses universal questions of belonging, childhood, fear of loss, death and artistic legacy. The passing of the puppets into new hands marks a pivotal moment of generational transition for Sandglass Theater. It is an engagement with what legacy means in the field of puppetry; how an art form endures and transforms as it is handed to the next generation.

The performance is followed by an After Show Talk with the artists in German and English.

Tickets: 18,00 € adults | 14,00 € concessions
9,00 € students | 8,00 € student groups



Theater Waidspeicher | Theater Erfurt | Tanztheater Erfurt e.V. (Germany)

Novecento – The Legend of the Pianist on the Ocean

by Alessandro Baricco, translated into German by Karin Krieger
Puppet and Dance theatre for 10 year-olds and older | Duration: 60 min | in German language

Director and Choreographer: Ester Ambrosino
Set design and Costumes: Mila van Daag
Puppets: Kathrin Sellin
Cast: Kathrin Blüchert, Heinrich Bennke, Tomas Mielentz (Puppeteers)
Maria Focaraccio, Tabea Wittulsky, Kenji Shinohe (Dancers)
Roberto Secilla (Piano), Sven Viertel (Trumpet)
Thursday, 22 September 2022, 10 a.m. and 9 p.m. | Theater Erfurt, Studio.Box

At the beginning of 1900, a foundling is discovered on an ocean liner. A machinist takes care of the baby boy and gives him the name Nineteen Hundred – Novecento. The boy develops into a virtuoso piano player – the best pianist the ocean has ever known.
Trumpeter Tim Tooney tells the unique story of his friend Novecento in retrospect. He recalls their shared experiences on the ocean liner, a floating city that shuttles back and forth between the shores of Europe and America, hosting the world. The Legend of the Ocean Pianist Novecento is the story of a special friendship; a ship's voyage in the late 1920s, the Golden Age of Jazz.

Tickets: 23,00 € adults | 20,00 € concessions
9,00 € students | 8,00 € student groups

www.waidspeicher.de | www.theater-erfurt.de

TAMTAM objektentheater (Netherlands)

Rusty Nails & Other Heroes

A live animation performance for 6 year-olds and older
Duration: 50 min | no words

Developed and performed by: Gérard Schiphorst and Marije van der Sande
Music composition and soundtrack: Gérard Schiphorst (Tango: Oleg Fateev)
Third eye: Jeroen van Westen
Artistic advisors: Henk Boerwinkel and Aus Greidanus Sr.
Technical assistant: Bert Nijmeijer
Thursday, 22 September 2022, 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. | Jugendtheater Die Schotte

Two players transform found objects into actors and decor and move them in front of a camera, giving worthless things a new life. A rusty saw plays the sea. Maple seeds become gentle birds and old working gloves an endless swamp. The players create a world where pieces of string, rusty nails, old rubber gloves and pieces of wood can become adorable action heroes.
The audience sees both, the players behind the animation table and the result of their game: surprising images on a large screen.

Tickets: 11,00 € adults | 9,00 € concessions
6,00 € students


Thalias Kompagnons (Germany)

At Home in the World

Lost-and-found objects in search of a home

for 6 year-olds and older | Duration: 35 min | in German

Created and performed by: Tristan Vogt
Assistance: Iwona Jera, Joachim Torbahn
Friday, 23 September 2022, 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. | Kleine Synagoge


Everyone needs a home.
A place where you belong.
People with whom you belong.
A place where you feel safe.

Sometimes you must look for such a place first. Or create it. Alone or together with others. This is also the case with the small things that the performer found and received as gifts. Stones from the beach, a snail shell, a delicate doll's cushion ...
On the theatre stool, they all get the opportunity to look after themselves and each other, to discover a world together and to feel at home in it.

Tickets: 11,00 € adults | 9,00 € concessions
6,00 € children


Stuffed Puppet / Neville Tranter (Netherlands)


Puppet theatre for 14 year-olds and older | Duration: 70 min | in English
Concept, puppets and performing: Neville Tranter
Artistic & technical assistance: Wim Sitvast
“Ubu” is a coproduction of Stuffed Puppet Theatre and la Biennale MARS à l’Ouest et du Colombier-Magnanville
Friday, 23 September 2022, 5 p.m. and 9 p.m. | Theater Waidspeicher, Puppentheatersaal

Neville Tranter is one of the most renowned puppeteers in the world. His latest solo piece, in which he again plays all the roles himself with talking hand puppets, is based on Alfred Jarry's famous play “King Ubu” from 1896, a provocation of bourgeois theatre and of bourgeois society. Instead of morality and merit, in this play stupidity and primal violence are victorious. Ubu is impulsive, violent and egocentric. He makes stupidity into his biggest force giving him an uneasy resemblance to some leaders in our world today. Despite their ridiculousness, it shows how dangerous dictators can be in their stupidity. Neville Tranter on his play: “My Ubu ends with good news: Even the Ubus in this world do not reign endlessly. But there is also bad news: Other Ubus will follow sooner or later!”

Tickets: 18,00 € adults | 14,00 € concessions
9,00 € students


TJP Strasbourg (France)

Quelque chose s’attendrit

(Something Softens)

for 12 year-olds and older | Duration: 35 min | few words in English

Concept and Texts: Renaud Herbin
Puppet: Hélène Barreau | Music: Sir Alice
Research and construction: Sophie Prietz, Anthony Latuner, Éric Fabacher
Automatism: Maxime Lance | Technical direction: Thomas Fehr | Production: Mathilde Mangeot
Performing: Rafi Martin
A production of TJP Centre Dramatique National Strasbourg Grand Est in co-production with La Maison des Metallos
Friday, 23 September 2022, 6 p.m. and 9 p.m. | Jugendtheater Die Schotte
Saturday, 24 September 2022, 11 a.m. | Jugendtheater Die Schotte

“Quelque chose s'attendrit” is a media stage installation. The audience is invited to move freely in the room or to sit on the floor and follow the associative and poetic worlds of images and sounds that unfold, based on a poem by the renowned French theatre-maker Renauld Herbin. A tiny figure moves in space, guided and moved by a human hand. When this tiny human is confronted by the infinite scale of light on a screen, the timeless principles of optics reveal secret realities.
Through the light, things become permeable, the world can be turned upside down, gravity pulling us upwards. Like a caress or a waking dream, this concentration on our sense of being is at the end of our strings, at the source of breath and movement.

The performances are followed by After Show Talks with the artists.

Synergura festival performance with friendly support of Institut français and French Ministry for Culture.

Tickets: 13,00 € adults | 11,00 € concessions
7,00 € children

www.renaudherbin.com | www.tjp-strasbourg.com

Numen Company (Germany)


Puppet theatre for 12 year-olds and older | Duration: 55 min | without words
Director | Conception | Stage design | Puppets: Tibo Gebert
Musical composition: Hahn Rowe | Light design: Jérôme Houlès, Tibo Gebert | Dramaturgy help: Meriam Bousselmi, Geeske Otten, Ruth Mariën
Costumes: Sonja Albartus | Artistic collaborations: Gabriel Hermand-Priquet; Ursula Gebert, Marine Chesnai | Production assistant: Sophie Galibert | Production: Numen Company
Performers: Tibo Gebert, Laura Siegmund
Co-produktion: Festival Mondial des Théâtres de Marionnettes Charleville-Mézières | TJP – Centre dramatique national d’Alsace | Figurteatret i Nordland | Manège – Scène Nationale de Reims | Espace Jéliote, scène conventionnée arts de la marionnette | Communauté de communes du Piémont Oloronais | Théâtre des 4 Saisons, scène conventionnée musique(s) | Ville de Gradignan | SCHAUBUDE BERLIN | T-Werk Potsdam | Fonds Transfabrik – French|German Fund for performing arts.
Supported by: Mouffetard – Théâtre des arts de la marionnette de Paris | Centre de la Marionnette de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles à Tournai
Friday, 23 September 2022, 8 p.m. | Theater Erfurt, Großes Haus

The Latin word “Solace” means comfort, shelter and support. The production by puppeteer Tibo Gebert tells the story of a unique relationship between a lonely child and strange, mysterious figures. Different points of time converge in a desert-like space, reminiscences and flashbacks of a forgotten past flare up, images are created, solely connected by memories.
In our current society dominated by dissociation and solitude, consolation, shelter and support became controversial topics. The voiceless and gestural dialogue between the living being and the object begs the question of our own relationship to our solitude and loneliness.

Tickets: 18,00 € adults | 14,00 € concessions
9,00 € students


Christian Georg Fuchs (Germany)

Bauhaus Puppets

Lecture Performance "The Adventures of the Little Hunchback"

for 14 year-olds and older | Duration: 45 min
Lecture and performing: Christian Georg Fuchs
Puppets: Peter Lutz, based on the original marionettes from 1923, stock of the puppet theatre collection
“Puppentheater-Sammlung der Staatlichen Kunstsammlungen Dresden”
Saturday, 24 September 2022, in German at 11 a.m. and in English at 4 p.m. | Augustinerkloster, Raum Staupitz/Lang

In 1923, the students at the stage school of the Bauhaus Weimar experimented with marionettes under the direction of Oskar Schlemmer. The plan was to perform the fairy tale “The Adventures of the Little Hunchback” from the collection “Fairy Tales from 1001 Nights”. The puppets were designed, but a performance did not take place.
In 2015, Peter Lutz made replicas of the surviving original marionettes and created them to be performed. Almost a hundred years later, they now make their entrance on-stage.
In the entertaining format of the "lecture-performance" between lecture and staging, the special atmosphere of the Bauhaus movement and the 1920’s can be experienced with acting and figures as well as with exciting anecdotes and background knowledge.

Tickets: 18,00 € adults | 14,00 € concessions
9,00 € students


Theater Waidspeicher (Germany)

The Day my Father became a Bush

by Joke van Leeuwen, translated into German by Hanni Ehlers
puppet theatre for 8 year-olds and older | Duration: 60 min | in German with English surtitles
stage adaption translated into English: Kate McNaughton, Sprachspiel, Berlin, Germany
Direction: Susanne Koschig
Set design, Puppet and Costume: Kathrin Sellin
Solo-performer: Kathrin Blüchert
Saturday, 24 September 2022, 2 p.m. | Theater Waidspeicher, Kabarettsaal

Toda tells the story of her escape. There is a war in the country that she comes from – “one lot are fighting against the other lot”. Toda’s father gets conscripted and learns how to become a bush in order to camouflage himself. For a short time the grand-mother looks after the young girl until where they live becomes too dangerous. Toda should cross the border to the neighbouring country where her mother has been living for several years. During her journey to safety Toda has many different adventures and along the way meets various people: money-grubbing people-smugglers, children who should give their toys away, a friendly commander who is unable to command.
This solo performance looks at war and refugees from the perspective of a child. The audience sit on the stage so that they become an active part of the story.

The performance is followed by an After Show Talk with the artist in German and English.

Tickets: 10,00 € adults | 8,00 € concessions
5,00 € children


Theater Waidspeicher (Germany)

Atlas of Remote Islands

by Judith Schalansky | puppet theatre for 14 year-olds and older
Duration: 75 min | in German with English surtitles
Direction: Christian Georg Fuchs
Media stage design: Raphael Köhler and Christian Scheibe / NIVRE Film & Studio GmbH
Puppets: Peter Lutz
Puppet costumes: Gisa Kuhn
Cast: Heinrich Bennke, Paul Günther, Maurice Voß
Saturday, 24 September 2022, 6 p.m. | Theater Waidspeicher, Puppentheatersaal

Thanks to Google maps and photos of the world from outer space, there is nowhere on earth that we cannot picture. Using electronic eyes, we can see almost every island. However, are we really there? Judith Schalansky dedicated her multi-award-winning book to the discovery of the world through maps. She put together reports and stories about faraway islands all over the world, “Islands I have never been to and will never visit”.
In a theatrical journey we travel to twelve of these islands, to far off sites and settings of history and stories. Twelve mini dramas present twelve strange, comical and unusual stories about far-off people and rare animals: a treasure hunter, a bird watcher, a Morna singer, the French emperor Napoleon, a polar explorer, a feminist aviation pioneer, an extinct sea cow.

The realization of this production was supported by Ingenieurbüro Susann Schwarzenau.

The performance is followed by an After Show Talk with the artists in German and English.

Tickets: 16,00 € adults | 13,00 € concessions
7,00 € students


Sofie Krog Teater (Denmark)


Free Style Puppet Acting for 12 year-olds and older
Duration: 45 min | few words in English
Story, production, scenography, puppets and performing: Sofie Krog
Saturday, 24 September 2022, 8 p.m. | Theater Erfurt, Studio.Box
Sunday, 25 September 2022, 4 p.m. | Theater Erfurt, Studio.Box

Free Style Puppet Acting & Poem Bizarre – All Wrapped in Jack-In-Box Comedy.

In the depths of a dark and quirky cabaret, the lives of a beautiful diva, her lovesick butler, a mischievous lab assistant and a beyond-mad scientist are about to collide. Audience members are lured into the mystery within the cabaret walls as each character endures an ill-fated night that may well be their last. DIVA is a tour de force of manual dexterity that features the danish puppeteer Sofie Krog manipulating all of the action on multiple stages from inside a small revolving theater.

Tickets: 18,00 € adults | 14,00 € concessions
9,00 € students


Theater Waidspeicher (Germany)


based on Carlo Collodi | adapted for the stage by Frank Alexander Engel
puppet theatre for 8 year-olds and older | Duration: 65 min | in German
Director: Frank Alexander Engel
Stage design, costumes and puppets: Kerstin Schmidt and Frank Alexander Engel
Music and sound: Sebastian Herzfeld
Cast: Heinrich Bennke, Tomas Mielentz
Sunday, 25 September 2022, 11 a.m. | Theater Waidspeicher, Puppentheatersaal

The woodcarver Geppetto creates a puppet from a piece of wood – it is to be his son Pinocchio. However Pinocchio does not stay at home with his father, but runs away. Disregarding all warnings and full of curiosity and hunger for life, he hurls himself at the temptations of the wide world. For isn’t it much more exciting to go to the puppet theatre, than to sit around at school? Without knowing the world, Pinocchio becomes a plaything between good and evil. He falls for false promises and becomes entangled in tall tales. After his many adventures, will he finally succeed in becoming a real boy?

The realization of this production was supported by the Sparkassenstiftung Erfurt.

Tickets: 10,00 € adults | 8,00 € concessions
5,00 € children


Naivní Theatre Liberec (Czech Republic)

Choo. Choo. Whistle. Woof!

About Dogs and Trains

German premiere | puppet theatre for 3 year-olds and older
Duration: 40 min | without words

Directed by: Michaela Homolová
Dramaturgy: Vít Peřina
Set Design: Robert Smolík
Music: Filip Homola
Performing: Filip Homola, Adam Kubišta, Marek Sýkora, Antonín Týmal
Sunday, 25 September 2022, 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. | Jugendtheater Die Schotte

The non-verbal staging is intended for youngest children, enthusiastic rail fans and passionate dog lovers.
On a specially adapted stage, a large railway is gradually being built und a story of a dog who decides to overcome a fear of the unknown to find his girl dog friend and is heading towards a great train adventure is being unfolded. On his journey to find his love, he gets a lot of new dog friends who help him in his quest.

Tickets: 11,00 € adults | 9,00 € concessions
6,00 € children


Theater Waidspeicher (Germany)

Heart of Stone

by Wilhelm Hauff | adapted for the stage by Frank Alexander Engel
puppet theatre for 10 year-olds and older | Duration: 80 min | in German with English surtitles
Direction: Frank Alexander Engel
Stage design, puppets and costumes: Kerstin Schmidt and Frank Alexander Engel
Music and sound: Nis Søgaard
Cast: Kathrin Blüchert, Kristine Stahl, Heinrich Bennke, Paul Günther, Tomas Mielentz
Sunday, 25 September 2022, 6 p.m. | Theater Waidspeicher

The young charcoal maker Peter Munk is dissatisfied with his badly paid, low esteemed work. He dreams of being rich and respected. Two spirits in the Black Forest could fulfil his wishes. But at what cost? The friendly glass man helps him to gain riches and respect, but without the necessary common sense Peter eventually loses everything. So all he can do is go to the demonic Dutch-Michael. But in return he demands Peter’s heart of flesh and blood. Dutch-Michael exchanges this for a heart of stone and promises Peter: "Neither fear nor fright, neither stupid sympathy nor sorrow can move such a heart". Peter now has to decide what is essential for him in his life.

The realization of this production was supported by the Sparkassenstiftung Erfurt.

Tickets: 16,00 € adults | 13,00 € concessions
7,00 € children


Compagnie Gare Centrale (Belgium)

There is nothing in my life that shows I am ugly on the inside

Object theatre for 14 year-olds and older | Duration: 80 min | in English
Concept and Actor: Agnès Limbos
Writing collaboration and Actor: Pierre Sartenaer | Regard and Artistic collaboration: Simon Thomas
Lighting design & technician: Nicolas Thill | Sound design: Guillaume Istace | Extras coach: Anastasia Guevel
Aid during the creative process: Claire Farah, Françoise Colpé, Joël Bosmans, Nicolas Thill, Pieter Boucher, Javier Packer, Astrid Howard
Administration and production: Sylviane Evrard | Invaluable collaboration during the initial phase of creation: Christophe Sermet and Yannick Renier
Sunday, 25 September 2022, 8 p.m. | Theater Erfurt, Großes Haus

A woman in a fur coat. She is lying on the ground. Her only belongings: a handbag, a handkerchief and a tube of lipstick. She has only one shoe. A voice-over addresses her, questions her and provokes her. It is the beginning of a series of disjointed moments, random pieces of a puzzle that we try to put together with the help of clues that may or may not be imaginary, fragments of destinies and deaths. At once playful and dramatic.
Agnès Limbos, the Grande Dame of object theatre has always been fascinated by the power of the object as an actor in its own right and by the actor’s ability to manipulate it.
The kitchen table on a corner becomes a theatre stage where the manipulated objects recreate scenes of everyday life.

Tickets: 20,00 € adults | 15,00 € concessions
9,00 € students