Love of Seven Dolls #01 EN

Love of Seven Dolls (Die Liebe der kleinen Mouche)

Rumpelstiltskin #01 EN


Tom Sawyer #01 EN

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn

The Wooden Horse #01 EN

The Wooden Horse

Prince Dilly-Dally #01 EN

Prince Dilly-Dally

Love of Seven Dolls #02 EN

co-production Theater Waidspeicher (Germany) and Ulrike Quade Company (Netherlands)


based on the novel by Paul Gallico

adapted for the stage by Susanne Koschig and Ulrike Quade | puppet theatre for 14 year olds and older

director: Ulrike Quade | set and light design: Floriaan Ganzevoort | costumes: Mila van Daag

Mouche puppet: Ulrike Langenbein | glove puppets: Florian Schmigalle 

dramaturgy: Susanne Koschig | composition: Strijbos & Van Rijswijk

cast: Steffi König, Karoline Vogel/Martin Vogel, Heinrich Bennke, Paul Günther, Tomas Mielentz

duration: 65 minutes

premiere: Friday, 8 September, 2017

Rumpelstiltskin #02 EN


based on the fairy tale by the brothers Grimm 

puppet theatre for 5 year olds and older

script and direction: Susanne Koschig

stage, puppets and costumes: Bärbel Haage

music: Udo Hemmann

cast: Tomas Mielentz, Martin Vogel

duration: 50 minutes


premiere: Saturday, 25 November, 2017

Tom Sawyer #02 EN


by Mark Twain 

puppet theatre for 8 year olds and older

script, directon and stage: Matthias Thieme

costumes: Mila van Daag | puppets: Kathrin Sellin

cast: Steffi König, Heinrich Bennke, Paul Günther, Tomas Mielentz


premiere: Friday, 9 February, 2018

The Wooden Horse #02 EN


based on „Die Sage von Trojas Fall“ by Franz Fühmann

puppet theatre for 12 year olds and older

director: Frank Alexander Engel

stage and puppets: Kerstin Schmidt and Frank Alexander Engel

cast: Kathrin Blüchert, Steffi König, Karoline Vogel


premiere: Friday, 20 April, 2018



Prince Dilly-Dally #02 EN


by Sybille Hein, first release

puppet theatre for 4 year olds and older

dierctor: Annette Gleichmann

stage and puppets: Kathrin Sellin


premiere: Saturday, 9 June, 2018 

Love of Seven Dolls #03 EN

Rumpelstiltskin #03 EN

Startseite Tom Sawyer #03EN

The Wooden Horse #03 EN

Prince Dilly-Dally #03 EN

Love of Seven Dolls #04 EN

Innocence and the Beast


Paul Gallico‘s masterful story about a young woman who encounters the magic of a puppet theatre is one of the most ingenious romances in world literature.

Little Mouche unsuccessfully seeks a living in the glitzy world of Paris. Alone and disappointed she decides to throw herself into the cold currents of the Seine. However seven puppets from a nearby puppet theatre catch her attention and invite her to join them. Mouche’s innocence and gaiety enthrals the seven puppets and all who see them. Nevertheless the embittered puppeteer treats her roughly and unpleasantly. Then one day a young acrobat turns up and courts Mouche.


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Rumpelstiltskin #04 EN

From a mill to millions


“My daughter can spin straw into gold!” boasts the miller and thereby causes serious problems for her. Greedy for gold, the king believes the miller, and threatens the daughter with death if she does not perform this feat for him. An imp secretly offers to help her. Thereby he not only saves her life but also provides her with wealth and happiness. However she is at risk of losing everything when the imp demands the payment she promised: the baby of the miller’s daughter, who has now become queen. She may only keep her child if she can guess the name of the imp.

Tom Sawyer #04 EN

The story of two wayward lads


St. Petersburg, a small town on the banks of the Mississippi. This is where Tom Sawyer lives, and his escapades there make life difficult for his aunt Polly. His best friend is Huckleberry Finn, who lives in a barrel by the riverside. Recently Tom has been taking an interest in Becky. He tries to impress her with his boasting, without realising that he will get the opportunity to prove himself sooner than he likes. One night when Tom and Huck sneak into the graveyard, they witness a murder. Out of fear they agree to keep silent about the crime. But Tom’s conscience begins to nag him: should he risk his life and his friendship to Huck in order to rescue an innocent person?

The Wooden Horse #04 EN

From the Golden Apple of Discord to war


Three women talk about the war, the most famous war of classical times, which began with an argument between women. A golden apple with the inscription "For the fairest one" is thrown amongst the gods who are guests at a wedding. Paris, a young mortal from Troy, should judge which of three goddesses gets the apple. Paris choses Aphrodite who in exchange makes Helen, the most beautiful of all women, fall in love with Paris, who then takes her to Troy. Thus the ten-year war between mortals begins and results in countless victims. It is only through a trick that the Greeks manage to capture the undefeatable city of Troy, using a giant wooden horse as a gift.

Prince Dilly-Dally #04 EN

The Last will be First


Prince Dilly-Dally is really Prince Willibald. However because he is so terrible slow in everything that he does, his older brothers have given him this nick name. They also call him “Creeping-cucumber”, “Sluggish-snail”, “Junk-dawdle” or “Slow-coach”.  Although Willibald tries his hardest to keep up with his faster brothers, he is continually last. There is always something that distracts him, sniffing the scent of the apple tree or watching a big fat beetle.

He would also like to save Princess Fritza, but he arrives at the dragon’s lair much too late. Or maybe not?